Want to play slot games but do not have time to do it. Online slot casinos can become the ideal place for one. Playing pg slot 789 does not require much time, which is needed for visiting an offline casino. In the case of an offline casino, pre-booking is also required so that players do not stand for waiting. Due to being online on the internet, many people can play at a single time on a single website without any difficulty.

This is generally for slot games as they are quite popular; thus, some might think of playing them by hearing about them. However, if a person does not know which game to play for the first time, it can ruin their experience. Thus, it is crucial for a person to know about the game they are playing and to select one of the best they can get. Following mentioned are the top some of the best games online slot casinos offer.

Red Dog- Cleopatra’s Jackpot

This game is among the top games that one can get on an online slot casino to enjoy playing slot games. Red dog is a good game as firstly it offers its players a welcome bonus that can be upto Rs 1000. Moreover, offering a win percentage or RTP of 95.03 is very good for beginners. The minimum withdrawal of this website is $150, meaning people can get their money won out of the game easily and even in small amounts.

From the name, one can easily tell that this game is based on the Egyptian theme and has a story and looks related to Cleopatra. It is a five reeled slot game that is the most famous and amazing to play. Offering pay lines fixed as 25 is also very good for any slot machine.

Café Casino

By looking at the website, one can identify the theme of this site based on the future. This type of design and theme is known as cyberpunk and includes a very amazing futuristic design and several amazing colors that are very bright and neon-like. Furthermore, the number of games is even over 80, making the player choose every game they want.

Same as the Red dog, this also has five reeled slots. However, this only offers 20 pay lines and has 15+ massive jackpots for its players to enjoy. Making the game even more fun and much more beneficial for a player to play. This is a very famous pg slot 789 game.


Unlike the other two games mentioned earlier, this one has only three reeled slots that are very easy to play for beginners and are also good for the pay line. However, it doesn`t offer as much variety of pay lines as the other five reeled slot games. People can find over 200 games on this slot website and have a maximum win bonus of almost Rs 15000. The bonus offered on this website is also 125% rather than the usual 100% on other games.

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